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Núria Guàrdia i Milà
Núria Guàrdia i Milà
Head of Nursing, Medical Department

University Diploma in Nursing from the Escola Universitària de Sant Pau.
Master in Nursing Administration and Management from the Escola Universitària d’Infermeria Santa Madrona, Universitat de Barcelona.
Course in ICT nursing supervision.
Course in managerial skills at EADA.
Lecturer on the Postgraduate Degree in Cardiology.
Various qualifications in the field of cardiology.
She is currently the Head of Nursing in the Medical Department, which includes: cardiology, interventionist cardiology and electrophysiology department; internal medicine; digestive pathology; geriatrics; clinical haematology; medical oncology; palliative care; radiotherapeutic oncology; pulmonology; cancer programmes; Day Hospitals; pathological anatomy; and extractions.