Aspectes a tenir en compte
Aspects to take into account
Aspects to take into account

The owner of the clinical records or their accredited representative has to submit a formal request for clinical documentation including all their personal details, the documentation they want to obtain and the reason for requesting it.

In the case of documents issued by post or electronically, or when the applicant is not the owner of the data, it is essential that the corresponding accrediting documentation is attached to the request.

In all case, the opposition request has to contain the information required to respond appropriately. It must at least contain the personal data and clinical documents related to the request.

Knowing the reason why you need the documentation enables us to offer you a better service, save time and material, and ensure that the information we give you complies as fully as possible with your request.

Please remember that the opposition request requires time to locate the information requested, draft the medical reports and record the process effectively.

If a copy of a specific document is requested in person during the specified timetable (08:30 to 14:15 Monday to Friday), we will try to give you the copy immediately, whenever possible.

Copies of radiological images, other complementary exploratory procedures and original documents being returned are received after the request is processed.

Medical reports are delivered by post to the address of the owner of the clinical records. Find out more information by clicking this link: Request health status report

Copies of reports and results of exploratory procedures are given in paper format, while radiological tests are given in digital format on a CD or DVD.